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Peggy Guice

     Hi, it’s great to meet you!  I’m Peggy, welcome to my page.  

     I’m excited that you are here.  You are probably considering a home-based business, or looking to build what you are already working on.  Or maybe you are just looking for more success and happiness in your everyday life.  I am happy to help you in any way that I can.


I Have a Few Questions For You!

     Have you ever wondered if there’s MORE to life?  If there’s something bigger and better out there waiting for you?  Do you have a desire to make a difference in the world, and help others along the way?  Would you like to have a better life, for yourself and for your family?

     That was me.  To outsiders I suppose my life looked pretty good.  I was married and had a decent job.  We had a house and could pay our bills.  But there was always too much month left at the end of the money.  Even though we had the basics, life was not very comfortable because there wasn’t much of a financial cushion.  And even though we worked hard we still couldn’t have the lifestyle we really wanted.  

     Can you relate?


Motivated Because of My Mom and Dad

     My passion in life has always been travel and adventure, I get that from my Dad.  He worked Mama and Daddyfor many years, doing a lot of different things.  When he was finally able to retire, at age 55, he and my Mother planned to buy an Airstream travel trailer and tour the US and Canada.  Before they even got a chance to go and look at trailers, my Dad received a devastating cancer diagnosis.  Six months later we buried him.  The retirement dreams that he shared with my Mother were also buried that day.

     I vowed then and there that I would not put off the things I wanted to do in life.  Back then I didn’t make much money, but where there is a will there is a way.


Life Over the Years

     Over the years I have been blessed to travel all over the U.S., and visit many different countries (I especially love Central and South America!)    But to finance that travel, I worked.   A LOT.  I can’t tell you how many part-time jobs I’ve had over the years, in addition to the full time gig.  Chimney sweeping, cake baking, selling artwork, writing and doing photography for a local magazine, and direct sales are just a few of the hats I have worn.

     I didn’t get serious and realize the true power of network marketing way back then, but I was happy with the extra money that my first direct sales company provided.  I gave up that business in 1998 when my Mother died, and my marriage ended soon after.

     With only one income, I had to make some fast changes.  I got a much better paying job, and found a part-time job that paid pretty well AND fed my passion – I started teaching scuba diving and leading scuba trips all over the Caribbean. P at 3 sisters

     Those were fun times (until the dive store closed in 2008), but there were still challenges.  My full time job (and my boss) ruled my life.  I remember missing out on a TOTALLY FREE 2-week trip to Australia one year, because my boss did not think it was a good time for anybody to take vacation time.  I understood that my loyalty had to be to the organization, but it was still a disappointing time.  

       Have you ever had to miss an important family event or holiday because you had to work?  Do you get to spend enough time with your family and friends, or doing the things you really want to do, or are those things always put off until “tomorrow” or “next time?”      

     Can you relate?


Finding the Right Vehicle

     I retired from my full time job in November of 2010 and proceeded to travel all over the U.S. for two years, pulling my own vintage 1956 Yellowstone travel trailer.  I suppose the trip was a tribute of sorts to my folks.

     Back home again in 2013, I started searching.  I’d always wanted to own my own business, but wasn’t sure which direction I should take.  In 2014 though, something “clicked”.  To say that was a huge WOW moment for me is a gross understatement!

     I was introduced to some regular everyday people who were pulling in serious money every month, and they were working from home and setting their own hours!  They were happy, they had plenty of time to spend with their families, and they were taking (and winning) trips.  I wanted that kind of life too!  

     Can you relate?  What would you like YOUR life to be like? 

     So – I decided to get serious and get to work on claiming my piece of that pie.  I’m currently working on a plan that will allow me to far surpass the income I made at my full time job, even after working there for 32 years.  My only regret is that I didn’t start down this path sooner.  


My Life Today Crystal River 117

     Today I help people with training and practices that lead to success and happiness.  I love coaching others and helping them realize their dreams.  THAT is fulfilling!  And with the internet, I can work from almost anywhere!

     The bottom line is, anyone can create a better life for themselves and for their family.  ANYONE.  Including YOU!  I travel every month now because travel is my passion.  It also happens to be my business, but isn’t it cool that I can blend my passion with my business and make money?

     I am so blessed and grateful for my life!  I’m 57 years young and now living in Panama City Florida (in the “old town” historic area).  I absolutely LOVE being able to walk or ride my bicycle almost anywhere I need to go.  I chose my house because of where it was located, not because it was what I could afford.  Again, a MAJOR change from my past.  

     I’m not a millionaire (YET!)  I still work hard, but I love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of owning my own business and being an entrepreneur for anything.

     I’ve invested in many tools, courses, and training events.  The ones that I recommend are listed on my Recommended Tools page, if you want to check them out.  It’s far easier (and faster) to learn from someone who’s already been down the road that you’re looking to go down.  


It’s All About YOU!

     It is up to you to create the life of your dreams.  I would love to connect with you, and I am certainly happy to help anytime!  It’s great to meet you my new friend.  Let me know how I can add value to you or to your business!





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